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Keep your home and travel destinations mosquito-free with our Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Bat. Made from strong and durable aircraft-grade ABS plastic, this bat is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. With 3 layers of net protection, it ensures your safety from accidental shocks. The fast-charging battery provides convenience, and the unique shape of the bat ensures better coverage for corners. Its direct current voltage kills mosquitoes instantly, offering complete protection from dengue and malaria. This impressive device is a reliable solution to keep your family free from diseases. The electric shock-proof net is well-netted for added safety.



Rechargeable Mosquito Killer Bat | Fast Charging | Safety Grill | Residential

SKU: 1748_pci_mosquito_killer_bat
₹899.00 Regular Price
₹839.00Sale Price
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  • Feature Description
    Product Name Mosquito Killer Bat
    Material Aircraft grade ABS plastic
    Durability Strong and durable
    Charging Time 6 hours (initial charge)
    Suitability Indoor and outdoor use
    Net Protection 3 layers for protection against accidental shocks
    Portability Portable and easy to use
    Coverage Unique shape ensures better coverage, including corners
    Voltage Direct current voltage for instant mosquito killing
    Disease Protection Provides complete protection from dengue and malaria
    Safety Features Well-netted electric shock-proof net
    Use Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
    Safety Two external layers protect against accidental low power shock
    Dimensions Length: 51cm, Breadth: 22cm, Height: 5cm
    Weight Volume Weight: 1132g, Product Weight: 534g, Shipping Weight: 1132g